Our expertise: advice, planning and development

We also provide accurate and planned assistance for the protection of family assets, including through trust companies, with which we have established close relationships over time and through which we propose the following services to our clients:

  • trust agreements (by which a trustee assumes the administration of third-party assets or becomes the messenger and representative of third-party interests – Trustors – by carrying out in their name, although in the interest of the latter, the requirements and tasks specified on the basis of preventive provisions);
  • assets managed by trustees, protection of the investor’s confidentiality in the assignment of management mandates to third parties;
  • custody and administration of securities and notes;
  • planning of succession arrangements;
  • sale of equity interests within fiduciary mandates;
  • planning of the use of dynamic portfolio management tools (conferment of management mandates to financial intermediaries); planning of the use of international fiduciary instruments (e.g. Trust), fiduciary registration of equity interests;
  • establishment of companies, participation in the establishment of companies and subscription to capital increases; management of stock options plans and custody of shareholders’ agreements;
  • participation in Shareholders’ Meetings in the name and on behalf of Trustors and exercise of the related rights; joint representation of Bondholders;
  • sale and transformation of companies;
  • investment consulting;
  • Strategic Asset Allocation;
  • analysis of risks and performances;
  • analysis of investment opportunities; family law;
  • asset administration;
  • corporate and enterprise administration;
  • tax planning;
  • private insurance;
  • training of new generations;
  • bureaucratic and administrative paperwork.

Le nostre EXPERTISE: consulenza, pianificazione e sviluppo

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