Our expertise: advice, planning and development

In a turbulent economic and market environment such as today’s, management control takes on a central and strategic role.

It is increasingly necessary to ensure the balance and efficiency of the resources available, structure new and effective mechanisms of planning and control capable of measuring and interpreting business trends in a timely manner, and carry out the appropriate corrective actions in order to achieve the strategic objectives of enterprises and, in particular, the first fundamental objective of creating value to ensure business continuity.

In this aspect, Studio ABCF offers all-encompassing consultancy services, aimed at providing our clients with a complete and integrated framework of planning and control services, with effective and adequate tools for the company, in order to enable the clients to consolidate their skills and to acquire the tools to effectively steer the company choicesby means of the planning and control systems already in placeimproving or implementing new ones.

In particular, we support companies in the following activities:

  • analysis and monitoring of risks in the interests of the company
  • preparation and analysis of current and future cash flows
  • business plan
  • annual budget
  • custom-made control reports according to business needs
  • analyses by indices and performance indicators

Le nostre EXPERTISE: consulenza, pianificazione e sviluppo

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