Our expertise: advice, planning and development

In Studio ABCF, we provide administrative, accounting and tax assistance to corporations, partnerships, professionals, and non-profit organizations.

In summary, the accounting and tax assistance services provided by our team are as follows:

Accounting services

  • periodic receipt of accounting documents;
  • entry and processing of accounting data;
  • periodic VAT processing and liquidation;
  • printing and delivery of VAT payment authorizations through form F24;
  • keeping and updating obligatory company books;
  • writing, updating and printing Mandatory Registers;
  • preparation of end-of-year financial statements and related attachments (EEC financial statements, Notes to the Financial Statements, Management Reports, minutes of meetings of corporate bodies).

Tax services

  • calculation on the basis of the financial statements and accounting records, of IRES and IRAP (Corporate Income Tax and Regional Tax on Production) and related advance payments;
  • printing and delivery of payment authorizations form F24 for the above taxes and setoff/addition of other taxes;
  • online preparation and submission of the Modello Unico and Modello IRAP tax returns;
  • online preparation and submission based on financial statements data, accounting records and supplementary information provided by the client for the Modello Studi di Settore (method for calculating the income of taxpayers);
  • preparation and submission of VAT Quarterly Statements and the VAT Annual Declarations;
  • online preparation and submission of Withholding Agent Declarations, form 770;
  • online preparation and submission of Clients and Suppliers Lists (Income and expenses);
  • preparation and submission of INTRASTAT forms.

Le nostre EXPERTISE: consulenza, pianificazione e sviluppo

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