from tradition to the evolving profession

The story of Studio ABCF started in Milan in the 40’s, when it was founded by Mr. Lorenzo Finollo, a young accountant. The professional firm grew over time and today ABCF has a network of more than 30 professionals headed by four partnersFranco Finollo, who inherited the family business, together with Marco CampiottiAldo Bellet and Marco Antonini.

They are part of ABCF’s chartered accountantsauditors, accounting professionals, managers and business consultants.

From tax and business consulting to trust and asset protection, including company internationalization services, over time Studio ABCF has also over time gained experience in the fields of extraordinary corporate transactions, demergers, mergersacquisitions, contributions, areas that have allowed the firm to develop additional consulting services, including the “negotiation” stage through the selection of ideal solutions for the conclusion of deals.
In recent years, ABCF has placed a special focus on SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and innovative startups.

ABCF is also in the Professional Studies Commission of Italia Startup, the association that supports the ecosystem of Italian startups, and is a member of Abacus Worldwide, the international network of accounting and law firms.

The commitment of ABCF professionals is apparent from the firms to companies, and is also present in education, with the participation of ABCF professionals in courses, workshops and seminars on tax mattersfinancial statements and VAT. Many collaborations have also been formed with institutional agencies and organizations, such as ANCE Varese.

consulting, planning and development

Supporting the formation of new entities and their management, along with accounting and tax matters and generational handover.

EVENTS: education, sharing opinions with professionals

In collaboration with other organizations, education becomes an opportunity to share opinions with entrepreneurs, advisors and professionals.

Coursesworkshops and seminars on tax matters, financial statements and VAT– in which we participate as speakers – are for us an opportunity to continuously share opinions with entrepreneurs and businesses, a new space, beyond the company, to get to know the daily problems and find effective solutions.